Thursday, February 12, 2009

Walking With God

Walking With God
Wednesday Nights Starting February 25th
Remember that cup of coffee, lunch or dinner with a friend. You shared, laughed, cried, learned more about him or her in just that few moments together than you thought possible. It deepened your friendship and led to years of a relationship in which you gained so much, seemingly had to give so little. would not have it any other way.
That, and more, is what God has for you. A relationship, a friendship, an intimacy so deep that you walk with Him, talk with Him, and He with you about everything. But you say, "That can't be," or "I read my Bible, but it is not alive." You are doubting it is possible.
We invite you to come, beginning Wednesday night February 25th and for the following six Wednesday nights during the season of Lent, to begin, renew, deepen your Walk with God. Learn how to hear from Him, moment by moment, how to talk with Him, and most of all, be cherished by Him. We will meet in the Sanctuary at 6:30pm each Wednesday for an hour. Hope to see you there.

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